A Red Carpet for Your Next Party

Our Photobooth is Perfect for Sweet 16 Birthdays, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs and Much More!

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Give your star the treatment they'll never forget!

Just like in Hollywood, you too can roll out the Red Carpet for your loved ones. We can supply everything you need for your Red Carpet experience. We offer custom backdrop design & printing, rentals and even a photobooth! All you need are friends and family to share the fun.

3 Ways to Roll Out the Red Carpet

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8ft Pull-Up Backdrop

We just started producing a retractable 8ft wide backdrop! We’ve tested dozens of systems and it’s the easiest backdrop to use, setup and store. We offer one free round of designs based on the guidelines you give us. Red Carpet, velvet ropes and delivery are not included.

Red Carpet Rental

We deliver and setup what you need: the red carpet runner, velvet ropes, Hollywood lights and custom designed and printed backdrop. We offer one free round of designs based on the guidelines you give us. Paparazzi is not included.

Paparazzi Photobooth

In addition to the Red Carpet Rental, we can provide a photographer to take pictures of your family and friends with fun Hollywood themed props! Our pictures transfer instantly to our iPads for people to share. Unlimited 4x6 or 5x7 printing is now an option!

Need a Party Planner? We can connect you with one who specializes in Red Carpet events!

What is a Publicity Backdrop?

The publicity backdrop is what you see behind the VIPs showing the logos of the sponsors and host organization. It is usually made of vinyl material which has been digitally printed. Because it is all digital we can design and print whatever we want on YOUR backdrop.

Custom Design and Printing

We can create fun designs for your birthdays, sweet 16 or bat/bar mitzvahs that makes your backdrop really stand out. Based on your requests, we will include one round of designing your backdrop free of charge!

Photobooth with the Paparazzi

It's not a Red Carpet event without the paparazzi and it's not a photobooth without our photographer! Our paparazzi photographer can take pictures of your family and friends. Our pictures are instantly transferred to our iPads where you can share your pictures to social media or make 4x6 prints for free! It just takes seconds for them to be printed!

What About Fun Props?

Good thing you asked because we can provide all sorts of Hollywood related props for your Red Carpet photobooth! From boas, to clapper boards, to little trophies, we can bring what you need to make it feel like the Red Carpet.

Can We Share the Pictures on Social Media?

The answer is yes! From the iPads, you can share your favorite picture to Facebook and/or Twitter. So far, those are the only two social networks that allow this function. But as soon as other social networks open up to software developers, we'll try to add them too!

Can you make prints?

The answer is yes! From the iPads, you can also select to send that image to our high speed printer and in seconds you will have a 4x6 print. You get unlimited prints in the time we're there.


All services are for a standard 4 hour event

8ft Pull-Up Backdrop

8x8ft - $450
includes one round of design
retractable system keeps your backdrop looking like new every time you use it

Red Carpet Rental

we use our box frame
backdrop in 2 sizes:
8x10ft - $650.00
8x15ft - $850.00
(red carpet matches length of backdrop)
backdrop for you to keep

Paparazzi Photobooth

our pictures transfer wirelessly to 2 iPads where you can share the photos to Facebook or Twitter. And a technician is there to help guide you through the photos. Hollywood themed props included! Starts at $1,599.00

Our Photobooth covers 4 hours of your event. Additional time is billable.

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