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We can provide everything that is required to make the Red Carpet experience happen for your:

  • fundraisers

  • movie premieres

  • corporate events

  • and much more

We Just Introduced Services for Sweet 16 Birthdays and Bar/Bat Mitzvahs!

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3 Ways to Roll Out the Red Carpet

8ft Pull-Up Backdrop

We just started producing a retractable 8ft wide backdrop! We’ve tested dozens of systems and it’s the easiest backdrop to use, setup and store. We offer one free round of designs based on the guidelines you give us. Red Carpet, velvet ropes and delivery are not included.

Red Carpet Rental

We deliver and setup what you need: the red carpet runner, velvet ropes, Hollywood lights and custom designed and printed backdrop. We offer one free round of designs based on the guidelines you give us. Paparazzi is not included.

Event Marketing

In addition to the Red Carpet Rental, our photos of your guests are instantly available for them to share on social media. Through their social networks you can exponentially expand your audience.

We can capture your guests' excitement on the Red Carpet.

We've designed our system to be fast and seamless so the pictures of your guests are instantly available for them to share on social media. Here's what you'll get in addition to the Red Carpet rental:

  • professional images of your guests

  • specially designed iPad kiosk

  • email capture for audience development

  • social media sharing to Facebook and/or Twitter

  • NEW! we now have on-site 4x6 or 5x7 printing!

What is a Publicity Backdrop?

The publicity backdrop is what you see behind the VIPs showing the logos of the sponsors and host organization. It is usually made of vinyl material which has been digitally printed. Because it is all digital we can design and print whatever we want on YOUR backdrop.

Custom Design and Printing

Not only can we put your organization logo on the backdrop but we can put your sponsor's logos on there as well. Or anything that makes your backdrop really stand out. Based on your requests, we will include one round of designing your backdrop free of charge.


Our Pricing

8ft Pull-Up Backdrop

8x8ft - $450
includes one round of design
retractable system keeps your backdrop looking like new every time you use it

Red Carpet Rental

we offer 2 sized backdrops:
8x10ft - $650.00
8x15ft - $850.00
(red carpet matches length of backdrop)

Event Marketing

our pictures transfer wirelessly to specially designed iPad kiosks where you can share the photos to Facebook, Twitter or send it to our on-site printer. Our technician is there to help guide guests through their photos.
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Large Format Banner Printing

150430_RCUSA-0007 1Because we print the backdrops in-house, we have a grand format banner printer (up to 8.5' wide) which can print on outdoor banners, window vinyl, floor vinyl, car wraps and much more.



What Others Are Saying   

  • I’m really excited to hear about this new endeavor—Wes has always been a great person with whom to work, and I trust that he’ll make his clients look great! It’s a fantastic idea; I’m looking forward to seeing Red Carpet St. Louis in action.

    Amanda Mueller, Marketing and Audience Development - Saint Louis Art Museum
  • I had the pleasure of working with Wesley Law and his company Red Carpet. The addition to having Red Carpet at my event really took it up 10 notches! They were very professional and my guests really enjoyed the red carpet setup. I highly recommend Red Carpet for your next charity event

    Dwight Carter - Brainchild Events
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